The new Chan Chi-chuen

The Young Reporter (2012, December), 45(02), pp. 1.
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曾獲獎項 《中國日報香港版》2013校園學報最佳新聞獎 (英文組別) - 最佳學報設計冠軍
China Daily Campus Newspaper Awards 2013 (English Category) - Best in Overall Design (Winner)

The new Chan Chi-chuen

How he transforms from a DJ to the first openly gay legislative councillor p18

Forced labour camp

The future of the system under the new Chinese leadership p14

Food crisis of the poors

Low-income families are hungrier than ever as food prices surge p12



DEC 2012

These are the colours that represent the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Have they seen the rainbow yet? p28