[REVIEWS] Art in the toilet

The Young Reporter (2011, May), 43(07), pp. 19.
Author: Claire Chu. Editor: Eleven Liu.
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HK Arts Centre marks its 30th anniversary by building arty toilets


Eye-catching curtains and other objects are painted all over the walls. Even grass is growing from the ceiling. The sound of a flushing toilet takes you back to reality - you are inside a cubicle in one of the water closets at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

The Anniversary Designer Toilet Series is part of the 30th anniversary celebration at the centre. Mr Derrick Tsang and other five volunteer designers renovated five toilets, adding artistic elements into their innovative designs.

The artists made use of every inch of the bathroom walls. There are playful black-and-white paintings outlining the city everywhere, accessorised with peculiar and vintage-like pictures. Art is literally everywhere.

When people first set foot inside this washroom, the mischievous decoration may make them mistake the place for a children’s room. One may then surprise to find themselves surrounded by layers of long and plain curtains in bright and appealing colour like orange.

The curtains separate compartments too. The curvy arrangement of the compartment “doors” is unorganised but somehow immaculate. It may remind you of how artistic minimalism can be.

In the next washroom, dried straws grow from the ceiling where lamps pop out occasionally. The ceiling looks like a garden full of sunflowers, except that it is shown upside-down. With blue walls personating the sky, the whole decoration is a refreshing taste of nature.

Whether you are a minimalism supporter or a fan of elaborated accessories, the Toilet Series artworks are good to look for inspiration. All innovative toilets show people that bathroom design can beautify one’s life and the choice of remodeling your own bathrooms is always there.