[FILM] John Kennedy is shaking hands with Tom Hanks

The Young Reporter (1994, December 19), 27(03), pp. 2.
Author: Elaine Wong, Peggy Chan, Desmond Liu. Photographer: Yu Wai Hung.
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by Elaine Wong

Peggy Chan

Desmond Liu

WEARING a rumpled suit, worn-down running shoes and carrying an aged leather suitcase full of treasures may be a fashion of 1995.

The US is overwhelmed by the trend of Forrest Gump at the moment. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring with Tom Hanks and Robin Wright, Forrest Gump has already broken the box-office record at America to US$2.6 billion. Tied-in toads flourishes as well. Over 15,000 copies of a fiction Forrest Gump have been sold and the Gump’s speech comes to the top of the New York Times best-sales book list. This trend of Forrest will probably last long as the outcry for Tom Hanks to win the Best Actor Oscar of this year is aloudly starting.

Another trend from Forrest is a breakthrough in using computer graphic techniques. Seamlessly created at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) by Ken Ralston, visual effects supervisor for ILM, effects break the ground of historical images and incorporated present figures to achieve authentic visual effects. Thus, past heroes and legendary figures such as John Kennedy and John Lennon are invited to stand on the stage with Forrest.

The selling point of Forrest Gump is, however, its romantic docu-fable rather than its special graphic effect. Tom Hanks stars as Forrest Gump, a slow-witted innocent with a generous heart and a confused ability to find himself in some of the most remarkable events in US history.

Forrest began his childhood in 1950s, he is a small boy when his father abandons his new family. Mrs Gump (Sally Field) supports herself and her son by taking in boarders at the family’s houses. Learning that little Gump has a low IQ, she is undaunted in her determination that Forrest have the same opportunities as everyone else.

With this faith in Forest’s mind, he has indeed more chances than others. Throughout his life, Forrest unintentionally finds himself face to face with many of the most legendary figures of the 50s, 60s and 70s in an amazing progression that takes him from the college football field to the jungles of Vietnam, from Washington to the Great Wall of China, and from New York’s Times Square to the baryous of Louisiana, and many other places, as he relates his startling and touching experiences.

Although Forrest is catapulted to celebrity status when he miraculously becomes an All-American football player, a decorated war hero and a successful businessman, he never gives up seeking what is most important in his life—the love of his very special friend, Jenny Curran (Robin Wright).

There is no dramatic scene that makes your heart leap, but it is a touching story will worth watching.

Being the Best Actor Oscar, Tom Hanks’ performance will never let you down. What makes you surprised is the sincerity of other artists and the director. They have played much effort in shaping touching environment and episode. You will have been moved if you are forty- somethings. What Forrest came across were porbably [i.e. probably] the era that you had dreamed before.

If you want to pick the missing years up, or you want to taste the legendary of 50s and 60s, Forrest Gump will be a good choice in this Chirstmas [i.e. Christmas].

  • Picture by Yu Wai Hung
  • Forrest Gump-an “intellegent” hero of Vietnam War in 1954.
  • A slow-witted innocent with a generous heart... ... Tom Hanks performs well.