Traffic law not extended to private paths

The Young Reporter (1979, December 15), 12(05), pp. 1.
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DRIVERS have to settle the dispute themselves when their vehicles collide on a private path.

Earlier a driver reported that his car was slightly damaged by a motor cycle on a private path and was puzzled that a policeman on the scene refused to interfere.

A police spokesman said the traffic law does not extend to private paths and the police will not take any action when two vehicles collide within the boundary of a private property.

“Private roads are not defined as ‘roads’ in the traffic law, thus we shall not investigate into any infringement of traffic regulations within the boundary of a private property,” the spokesman said.

If the drivers cannot settle the disputes themselves, they may go to the police.

“It will then be treated as a civil case rather than a traffic accident, even if someone is injured, he said.

However, drivers are still entitled to claim indemnity from insurance companies provided that repair fees exceed a stipulated figure, said the spokesman for the American International Assurance Co. Ltd.