Cash register market still wideopen

The Young Reporter (1979, December 15), 12(05), pp. 2.
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THE CASH register has much potential, dealers in the trade said.

“Only 40 per cent of the market has been explored,” the general manager of the Union Cash Register (UCR) Co. Ltd. Mrs Janet Chan said.

“Retail shops and department stores, supermarkets, fast food shops, hotels, restaurants and the like are regular users.”

Cash registers valued at $5,830,612 were imported last year, an increase of about 45 per cent over 1977’s figure.

Like in the previous years, Japan was the main supplier in 1978, accounting 57 per cent of the total, trade figures show.

Other importers are United States, Sweden, Taiwan and Singapore.

Prices of the machines range from $1,200 to $30,000 each, depending on the functions they perform.

The general manager of the National Cash Register (NCR) Mr K. T. Yeung said small machines, which are cheap and can be manipulated easily, are more welcomed by companies here.

Computerised registers emerged recently. Some are equipped with computer stock control and one master register can control as many as 32 satellite registers.