Letters to the Editor

The Young Reporter (2003, December), 36(03), pp. 11.
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Smoking or not smoking?

I am writing to express my concern on smoking in public areas. As a diner, I still feel uneasy when dining in non-smoking areas even though restaurants in Hong Kong have been divided into non-smoking and smoking areas. When I am dining in the nonsmoking area, I still have to inhale the second-hand smoke from those who are sitting comfortably in the smoking area.

In my view, the division of non-smoking and smoking areas could not help much in protecting the non-smokers from second-hand smoke.


Building a road by killing the Harbour

Why do we need more land for roads? When I heard about the reclamation plan in Central district, and that we are again reclaming [i.e. reclaiming] our dear Victoria Harbour for land, I am very angry about it.

Why are we destroying our Harbour for merely a road? Don’t we have enough roads already?

And how can Sarah Liao justify herself when she heads both the Transport Department and the Environmental Protection Department? Which one does she listen to this time?

And whoever blackmailed Winston Chu is not thinking straight for trying to intimidate and stop the whole action.



Stay clean after SARS

As SARS dies away, Hong Kong people seem to be less cautious on personal and public hygiene. Although the $1500 fine does have some effect on those who have a habit of throwing rubbish on the streets, the environment is not as clean as in the SARS period.

People no longer cough or sneeze with their noses and mouths covered; men and the elderly continue to spit on the ground; rubbish bins in Mongkok and Causeway Bay continue to be over-loaded; children continue to pee in the middle of the streets. If the situation continues, it is possible that SARS will invade Hong Kong in the near future.

Thousands of people have died of SARS, we should not put our guards down but to keep up the excellent hygiene work we have started since March. Hong Kong people should stop blaming the government for reacting so slow; we should at least do our part to keep Hong Kong and ourselves germ-free before making “complain, complain, complain.”


Taikoo Shing

I love HarbourFest

I was there and I loved it totally. Michelle Branch is so cool and it is almost impossible to see her live in Hong Kong if not because of this event. Please stop criticising about it because it did bring fun to a lot of people.

I hope AmCham will do this year after year and invite more top musicians to Hong Kong. And I will surely support this event in the future.


Kwun Tong