Braving up

The Young Reporter (2005, December), 38(03), pp. 11.
Editor: Colleen Lee Yun-yan.
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Hong Kong s alert system of infectious diseases has become more transparent following the SARS outbreak two years ago, says a Biology academic.

The monitoring work is doing very well. The news on virus is updated very often, said Dr Mak Nai-ki, a professor of the Hong Kong Baptist University.

The public s health awareness was low during SARS, but people are less ignorant now, he said.

Amid the current bird flu scare, Hong Kong people seemed to have generally realized the importance of using face masks, keeping high standards of public and personal hygiene and avoiding crowds.

As the bird flu threat approaches, how do people react to the scare? TYR has gathered these random responses:

  • Mr Li Shiu-wai, civil servant on engineering It wouldn t be easy to avoid being affected. The only way out would be to keep hygienic. The government should give more clear guidance.
  • Mrs Leung Pui-ying, housewife I am scared because birds are very common. I feel safer to live in the urban area. In the wet market, I will stay away from live-chicken stalls. I am quite worried abut my family.
  • Mr Andrew Li, banking and insurance consultant It does affect my work. Even if I am willing to talk to my clients face-to-face, some would refuse because of the scare.
  • Mr Li Hsin-liang, air conditioning technician I am worried as there are no vaccines against the flu yet. I think the government should tighten health check at the border.
  • Martin Ho, nursing student I am afraid as I am doing field practice in hospital. But I think I have good hygiene habits and there is no need to adjust my lifestyle. If it breaks out, I will avoid going to public areas.