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The Young Reporter [5]

2003 [2]
2004 [2]
2002 [1]

English [5]

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LIFE [5]

Alexis Chui Kwok-ching [5]
Brian Kong Wing-hong [1]
Lily Su Dali [1]
Rebekah Chan Yin-mui [1]
Sophia Degnegaard [1]

1. Rotary hotpot-new way to enjoy local favourite

Brian Kong Wing-hong. The Young Reporter (2004, March), 36(06), pp. 10.

By Brian Kong Wing-hong 02009323@hkbu.edu.hk WITH spring well and trul...

2. Anti-slimming campaign starts

Lily Su Dali. The Young Reporter (2004, January), 36(04), pp. 8.

By Lily Su Dali 02050048@hkbu.edu.hk GUTSY Women, a self-help group, h...

3. Balalaika: feels like dining in northern Russia

Sophia Degnegaard. The Young Reporter (2003, December), 36(03), pp. 9.

By Sophia Degnegaard 03017826@hkbu.edu.hk DO you want to feel what it’...

4. First artwork lending service in Hong Kong "Bring the arts to your life"

Rebekah Chan Yin-mui. The Young Reporter (2003, September), 36(01), pp. 8.

By Rebekah Chan Yin-mui 03001237@hkbu. edu. hk DO you want to brighten...

5. Acupuncture, rejuvenated weapon against illnesses

Alexis Chui Kwok-ching. The Young Reporter (2002, November), 35(02), pp. 10.

By Alexis Chui Kwok-ching 01007505@hkbu.edu.hk ACUPUNCTURE, a medical ...

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