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The Young Reporter [5]

2004 [3]
2002 [1]
2003 [1]

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LIFE [5]

Dorothy Yip Ka-kee [5]
Anna Chan Chui-ting [1]
Lily Su Dali [1]
Rebekah Chan Yin-mui [1]
Rosana Cheng Wai-chi [1]

1. Vagina Monologues: Bible for new women

Victoria Ip Tin-wai. The Young Reporter (2004, April), 36(07), pp. 9.

By Victoria Ip Tin-wai 02000148@hkbu.edu.hk WOMEN spread their legs. W...

2. What does a wall mean to you?

Rebekah Chan Yin-mui. The Young Reporter (2004, March), 36(06), pp. 8.

By Rebekah Chan Yin-mui 03001237@hkbu.edu.hk TO many people, a wall is...

3. Home feeling with hotel services Ready-to-live Service Apartment

Rosana Cheng Wai-chi. The Young Reporter (2004, February), 36(05), pp. 8.

By Rosana Cheng Wai-chi 02009293@hkbu.edu.hk IF you want to have your ...

4. "Snakes" in dorm: beat or charge them

Lily Su Dali. The Young Reporter (2003, May), 35(8), pp. 10.

By Lily Su Dali 02050048@hkbu.edu.hk IN February, two Chinese Universi...

5. The use of chiropractic therapy: An alternative bone pain cure

Dorothy Yip Ka-kee. The Young Reporter (2002, December), 35(03), pp. 10.

By Dorothy Yip Ka-kee 01008781@hkbu.edu.hk HONG Kong people who suffer...

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