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The Young Reporter [5]

2003 [4]
2004 [1]

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LIFE [5]

Karen Chong Kuk-heung [5]
Lily Kwong Ching-wai [1]
Rico Ip Hoi-wing [1]
Scarlett Chiang Ching-man [1]
Sherman Lam Cheuk-man [1]

1. Classic films, back to theatre screen

Scarlett Chiang Ching-man. The Young Reporter (2004, February), 36(05), pp. 8.

By Scarlett Chiang Ching-man 02009307@hkbu.edu.hk YOU may have heard y...

2. How about now? The present music industry

Sherman Lam Cheuk-man. The Young Reporter (2003, December), 36(03), pp. 10.

By Sherman Lam cheuk-man 02016532@hkbu.edu.hk IT was not easy to think...

3. GAIA School-using NATURE to teach

Twinnie Lau Yuk-lan. The Young Reporter (2003, November), 36(02), pp. 10.

By Twinnie Lau Yuk-lan 02009366@hkbu.edu.hk IT was not a perfect day f...

4. Sports in theatre Theatre Sports

Rico Ip Hoi-wing. The Young Reporter (2003, September), 36(01), pp. 10.

By Rico Ip Hoi-wing c9014483@hkbu.edu.hk SOME of you may have great in...

5. A new era for movable types printing

Karen Chong Kuk-heung. The Young Reporter (2003, February), 35(05), pp. 11.

By Karen Chong Kuk-heung 01008692@hkbu.edu.hk YOU might have visited the Sp...

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