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The Young Reporter [5]

2005 [2]
2006 [2]
2004 [1]

English [5]

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LIFE [5]

Karie Lo Ka-wai [5]
Brian Kong Wing-hong [1]
Felix Ching Ho-chi [1]
Kelly Chan Ka-lim [1]
Kit Hung Kit-sum [1]

1. Live and think

The Young Reporter (2006, March), 38(06), pp. 9.

Jessie Cheung Siu-yi Oriental philosophy, a mixture of Indian and Chinese s...

2. Young troops march on campus

Kelly Chan Ka-lim. The Young Reporter (2006, January), 38(04), pp. 8.

Kelly Chan Ka-lim Standing on the sun-heated ground, marching and facing pu...

3. New way of washing up

Kit Hung Kit-sum. The Young Reporter (2005, December), 38(03), pp. 9.

Kit Hung Kit-sum Dishwashing detergents can cause foaming and death of mari...

4. Samurai spirit alive in HongKong

Felix Ching Ho-chi. The Young Reporter (2005, October), 38(01), pp. 8.

Felix Ching Ho-chi In the movie “Last Samurai”, Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe...

5. Levi's exhibition-new way to reach customers

Karie Lo Ka-wai. The Young Reporter (2004, May), 36(08), pp. 10.

By Karie Lo Ka-wai 03010066@hkbu.edu.hk LEVI'S, together with Milk and...

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