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The Young Reporter [6]

2007 [3]
2006 [2]
2005 [1]

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LIFE [6]

Stephenie Hui Shuk-kwan [6]
Cecilia Chan Kam-ha [1]
Iris Tsang Wing-yee [1]
Joan Law Kai-en [1]
Karen Ko Ka-wai [1]

1. Hitch a harbourfront film-ride

Phoebe Cheng Ming-ting, Iris Tsang Wing-yee. The Young Reporter (2007, February), 39(05), pp. 9.

PHOEBE CHENG MING-TING and IRIS TSANG WING-YEE Hong Kong movie-goers can no...

2. Fun at lifesaving gala

Joan Law Kai-en. The Young Reporter (2007, January), 39(04), pp. 8.

JOAN LAW KAI-EN Lifesaving is a serious business, but it can also be fun. L...

3. Hand-sewn suits on the fringe

Karen Ko Ka-wai. The Young Reporter (2007, January), 39(04), pp. 9.

KAREN KO KA-WAI They use needles and threads while others use machines. The...

4. Discover the difference in covers

William Kwok Yan-wing. The Young Reporter (2006, May), 38(08), pp. 9.

William Kwok Yan-wing Local music albums would usually have their covers fe...

5. Nanny f or mummy

Stephenie Hui Shuk-kwan. The Young Reporter (2006, April), 38(07), pp. 8.

Stephenie Hui Shuk-kwan It is becoming increasingly popular for new mothers...

6. No more snoring nights

Stephenie Hui Shuk-kwan. The Young Reporter (2005, December), 38(03), pp. 9.

Stephenie Hui Shuk-kwan If your bed partner's snores keep you awake, the sn...

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