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The Young Reporter [6]

2008 [3]
2009 [2]
2007 [1]

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LIFE [6]

Weekend Zhou Mo [6]
Ada Lee Hoi-yee [1]
Ada Tang Shuk-ching [1]
Katie Chan Kit-ming [1]
Natalie Wong Hiu-ying [1]

1. Foster autistic kids with difficult labour

Ada Lee Hoi-yee. The Young Reporter (2009, March), 41(06), pp. 7.

Ada Lee Hoi-yee In MTR, 12-year-old Kristy Leung See-ching was standing in ...

2. Victories never come easy

The Young Reporter (2009, February), 41(05), pp. 8.

Local athletes talked to Kelvin Chan Mankey about their joy, setbacks, and their...

3. A fun way to learn your city

Natalie Wong Hiu-ying. The Young Reporter (2008, December), 41(03), pp. 9.

Natalie Wong Hiu-ying A race result might surprise you: the star ferry navi...

4. Less waste needs more time

Katie Chan Kit-ming. The Young Reporter (2008, October), 41(01), pp. 7.

Katie Chan Kit-ming When the moon-watching crowds gathered outside on the n...

5. A painful fashion you can't get rid of

Weekend Zhou Mo. The Young Reporter (2008, March), 40(06), pp. 9.

By WEEKEND ZHOU MO A wallet, a cell phone, an iPod, pens, books, notebooks,...

6. Driving makes a different meaning

Weekend Zhou Mo. The Young Reporter (2007, October), 40(02), pp. 9.

By WEEKEND ZHOU MO Driving is more than just giving a ride when all the pas...

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