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The Young Reporter [9]

2000 [9]

English [9]

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LIFE [9]

Chan King-on [2]
Elsa Au [2]
Liu Tung Yan [2]
Rita Tsang [2]
Amy Wong [1]

1. A 21-year-old reads people on the face

Chandra Wong. The Young Reporter (2000, December), 33(04), pp. 10, 11.

Chandra Wong WHEN it comes to our personal health and future, it is common ...

2. Salsa dance fervour

Rita Tsang. The Young Reporter (2000, December), 33(05), pp. 10.

Rita Tsang SALSA music like thunder roaring in dancers’ ears. Flocks of peo...

3. New music struggles for a stride

Estelle Cheung. The Young Reporter (2000, November), 33(03), pp. 10.

... Musicarama 2000, thinks the contemporary compositions show... Dr Wu after one of the Musicarama 2000 concerts... Council, MUSICARAMA 2000 is being held this year from 75...

4. The personality compass leads you to success

Areta Fu. The Young Reporter (2000, October), 33(02), pp. 10.

Areta Fu REEVE and Jerry are assigned to a project individually within a gi...

5. Fancy experience outweighs tough training

Rita Tsang. The Young Reporter (2000, September), 33(01), pp. 10.

Rita Tsang A 22-year-old girl, Miss Karen Tsang, took a fancy to the elegan...

6. Local based computer game development needs more resources

Chan King-on. The Young Reporter (2000, April), 32(07), pp. 6.

Chan King On WHAT do you expect when you press “F4” in “Hin-Yuen-Gim 3” (An...

7. How can they attract players to buy original?

The Young Reporter (2000, April), 32(07), pp. 6.

The biggest problem of local game development is not the skill or the idea, but ...

8. Part time snooker player with full time enthusiasm

Chan King-on. The Young Reporter (2000, March), 32(06), pp. 6.

Chan King-on BEING a snooker maniac, he is one of the seven international G...

9. Country life, dull and harsh

Liu Tung Yan. The Young Reporter (2000, January), 32(04), pp. 6.

Liu Tung Yan HONG KONG is such an industrious and fast-paced city, you can ...

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