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The Young Reporter [11]

1976 [11]

English [11]

Editorial [11]

Alex Tong [1]

1. Billboard action now

The Young Reporter (1976, December), 09(05), pp. 2.

It is not surprising to see the Government is not actively doing anything to con...

2. A new look at education

The Young Reporter (1976, December), 09(04), pp. 2.

In Hongkong, it seems to be commonly accepted by both the educators and the educ...

3. Untangling of red-tape

The Young Reporter (1976, November), 09(03), pp. 2.

The reluctance of local farmers to apply for improvement loans from funds set as...

4. Inexpensive homes for all

The Young Reporter (1976, November), 09(02), pp. 2.

Urban Councillor Tsin Sai-nin, a member of the Housing Authority’s management co...

5. Study-room action now

The Young Reporter (1976, October), 09(01), pp. 2.

Given the tight academic schedules and fierce competition Hongkong students face...

6. Ordinance too harsh

The Young Reporter (1976, May), 08(12), pp. 2.

June 1 will be a great day for the children who are attending day nurseries in H...

7. Child labour action NOW

The Young Reporter (1976, April), 08(11), pp. 2.

The disclosure of the existence of illegal child labour in Shamshuipo begs for i...

8. Misguided orientation

The Young Reporter (1976, April), 08(10), pp. 2.

Paradoxical as it may be, for a community the population of which is predominant...

9. A question of propriety

The Young Reporter (1976, March), 08(09), pp. 2.

... correspondent Richard Hughes — in the 1976 Hongkong Annual... — not even that of the Governor. But the year 1976 has...

10. Govt relief comes first

The Young Reporter (1976, March), 08(08), pp. 2.

The $4 million relief fund donated by the public for the Aldrich Bay victims las...

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