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The Young Reporter [3]

1994 [3]

English [3]

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Desmond Liu [1]
Elaine Wong [1]
Enoch Wong [1]
Maria Lo [1]
Peggy Chan [1]

Yu Wai Hung [3]

1. Money-grabbing arouses grievance

The Young Reporter (1994, December), 27(03), pp. 2.

THE three-month consultation proposals, endorsed by the Executive Council in a b...

2. [FILM] John Kennedy is shaking hands with Tom Hanks

Elaine Wong, Peggy Chan, Desmond Liu. The Young Reporter (1994, December), 27(03), pp. 2.

by Elaine Wong Peggy Chan Desmond Liu WEARING a rumpled suit, wor...

3. [CAFE] Have a meal with cartoon characters in Comic World

Enoch Wong, Maria Lo, Wylie Chu. The Young Reporter (1994, November), 27(02), pp. 2.

ENOCH WONG MARIA LO WYLIE CHU “LOOK! A large spider man is climbi...

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