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The Young Reporter [2]

2004 [2]

English [2]

Article Type
NEWS [1]

Kristy Lam Chi-sum [2]
Karen Chong Kuk-heung [1]
Oakes Lu Man-yan [1]
Olivia Wong Wing-che [1]

1. We don't know! Medications' side effects and the myth about herbal treatment

Kristy Lam Chi-sum, Oakes Lu Man-yan. The Young Reporter (2004, January), 36(04), pp. 5.

... seemed that the attack of SARS was over. Yet, the worst... was yet to come. The high doses of steroids the SARS... patients took during their SARS infection are believed to...

2. Mark Deduction Scheme scores low

Olivia Wong Wing-che. The Young Reporter (2004, November), 37(02), pp. 4.

...The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS...

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