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1. The vanishing pawn shop business

Austin Chiu Tung-wai. The Young Reporter (2007, November), 40(03), pp. 9.

... industry, the two SARs are working hand in hand. People...

2. Young entrepreneurs stay optimistic

Minerva Cheng Ming-wai. The Young Reporter (2009, May), 41(08), pp. 7.

... the post-SARS poll in 2003. Mr Wong Kwok-tei, the...

3. Music can be a healing tool

I'man Wong Siu-man. The Young Reporter (2003, December), 36(03), pp. 9.

..., fear of another attack of SARS and stressful pace...

4. Dreams come true on the Music Street

Stephanie Lam Ka-bo. The Young Reporter (2004, February), 36(05), pp. 10.

... messages through her music. “During SARS, I always hope...

5. Noho! Chill out at North of Hollywood

Stephanie Lam Ka-bo. The Young Reporter (2004, April), 36(07), pp. 10.

... after SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome],” Fu...

6. A fun way to learn your city

Natalie Wong Hiu-ying. The Young Reporter (2008, December), 41(03), pp. 9.

... SARS in 2003. Being advised to take a good rest...

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