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1. We don't know! Medications' side effects and the myth about herbal treatment

Kristy Lam Chi-sum, Oakes Lu Man-yan. The Young Reporter (2004, January), 36(04), pp. 5.

... seemed that the attack of SARS was over. Yet, the worst... was yet to come. The high doses of steroids the SARS... patients took during their SARS infection are believed to...

2. Hotel Industry Lacks New Blood

Spike Tang Wai-ho. The Young Reporter (2004, December), 37(03), pp. 1.

... in a slump during and after the SARS scare, is now... visitor arrivals for the first nine months of 2004 is... of 2004 is 25 pe cent higher than that of last year...

3. Concerted efforts needed to keep school violence at bay

Diana Li Pak-ling. The Young Reporter (2004, March), 36(06), pp. 11.

... might catch Sars and avian flu. But while our diligent...

4. Jewellers seize CEPA opportunities to expand Chinese Market

Sophia Degnegaad. The Young Reporter (2004, April), 36(07), pp. 3.

... and exhibitors expect business in 2004 to be better than last... Advisory Committee shares the same view. “SARS is over... increase 10 per cent in 2004. Investors from Europe...

5. Dreams come true on the Music Street

Stephanie Lam Ka-bo. The Young Reporter (2004, February), 36(05), pp. 10.

... messages through her music. “During SARS, I always hope...

6. Insurance companies reject Chinese medical claims

Fred Lai Cheuk-yin. The Young Reporter (2004, May), 36(08), pp. 1.

... in Chinese medicine after the SARS incident. But he...

7. Mark Deduction Scheme scores low

Olivia Wong Wing-che. The Young Reporter (2004, November), 37(02), pp. 4.

...The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS...

8. Gov't hesitates on reservoir development plan

I'man Wong Siu-man. The Young Reporter (2004, February), 36(05), pp. 3.

... during the outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory...

9. Noho! Chill out at North of Hollywood

Stephanie Lam Ka-bo. The Young Reporter (2004, April), 36(07), pp. 10.

... after SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome],” Fu...

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