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1. The vanishing pawn shop business

Austin Chiu Tung-wai. The Young Reporter (2007, November), 40(03), pp. 9.

... industry, the two SARs are working hand in hand. People...

2. Shoe-shiners' trade fast losing lustre

Cindy Chan Sin-ying, Josh Mei Si-meng. The Young Reporter (2007, May), 39(08), pp. 10.

... desirable employment in town. When SARS hit (in 2003), we...

3. Doctor Music~Chan yee-shing

Roney Chan Chi-wing, Joey Kwok Wai-ying. The Young Reporter (2007, February), 39(05), pp. 6, 7.

... people to fight against the SARS outbreak, helping to...

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