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The Young Reporter [4]

2008 [4]

English [4]

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NEWS [2]
LIFE [1]

Andrea Wong Wai-man [1]
Gloria Lai Man-ting [1]
Ho Kwing-lun [1]
Natalie Wong Hiu-ying [1]
Roney Chan Chi-wing [1]

1. Hong Kong SMEs struggle in the financial tsunami

Andrea Wong Wai-man. The Young Reporter (2008, December), 41(03), pp. 5.

... tragedy, struggled on even in the tough time of SARS...

2. One-dollar rise in fare is not enough: taxi drivers

Gloria Lai Man-ting. The Young Reporter (2008, March), 40(06), pp. 3.

... taxi industry’s competitiveness after SARS, the...

3. A fun way to learn your city

Natalie Wong Hiu-ying. The Young Reporter (2008, December), 41(03), pp. 9.

... SARS in 2003. Being advised to take a good rest...

4. What is going on with Lau Fau Shan? A popular local tourist spot with a halted development

Roney Chan Chi-wing. The Young Reporter (2008, April), 40(07), pp. 4, 5.

... after the SARS outbreak, a community-based project... of the original place at the end 2008. Though Lau...

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