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Course Code Course Name  Course Instructor     Dept Code     Entries  
ACCT 7240 Accounting Theory and Policy Song, Byron Y ACLW 1
EDUD 7010 Advanced Applications of Qualitative Methods Tam, Vicky C W EDUC 33
POLS 7010 Advanced China Studies Cabestan, Jean-Pierre GIS 2
HUM 7020 Advanced Seminar: Thinkers, Debates, Methods Toufic, Jalal HMW 4
ERMT 4015 Advanced Topics in Environmental Planning and Management Guo, Meiyu CIE 1
ERMT 3005 Anthropogenic Climate Change and Society Chiu, Hon Chim CIE 8
CULS 2200 Approaches to Studying Culture Cheung, Dickson C L CIE 10
RELI 2015 Approaches to the Study of Religion Kwok, Wai Luen REL 3
VART 2305 Art in the 20th Century I Grasskamp, Anna Katharina AVA 9
PHYS 3005 Atomic and Nuclear Physics Ma, Guancong PHYS 3
CS 2021 B-Dare Business Simulation and Competition Tsui, Martin C K CIE 2
BMKT 4115 Brand Management Kwan, Ho Yan CIE 1
MKTG 4007 Brand Management Ho, Glos MKT 1
ACCT 7060 Business Accounting Guo, Di ACLW 1
BUSI 3005 Business Communications Ng, Brandon MGNT 1
BUSI 3046 Business Communications Ng, Brandon MGNT 1
BUSI 3006 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Cheng, Shirley Y Y MKT 1
EDUC 7510 Child and Adolescent Development Tam, Vicky C W; Wong, Simpson W L EDUC 25
MSCN 3125 (Ms. Celia Tsui) Communication and Sustainable Development (Ms. Celia Tsui) CIE 1
COMM 2006 Communication Theories Fung, Timothy K F COMS 2
MKTG 3007 Consumer Behaviour Tse, Sin Yan MKT 1
CHSH 3105 Contemporary China Chu, Cindy Y Y HIST 38
HIST 3105 Contemporary China Chu, Cindy Y Y HIST 38
ACCT 7640 Cost and Management Accounting Wong, Kar Shun ACLW 1
EDUC 2006 / EDUC 7360 / EDUM 7490 / EDUM 7510 Curriculum, Assessment and Learning / Curriculum and Assessment / Curriculum and Assessment (Primary School Focus) / Curriculum and Assessment (Secondary School Focus) Lee, Tsz Ngong; Sivan, Atara; Tang, Kit Yi; Yeung, Shirley W S EDUC 32
HUMN 3027 Death and Culture Toufic, Jalal HMW 16
ENGL 4077 Detective Fiction Ki, Magdalen ENG 1
EDUC 7960 Development Diversity in Early Childhood Wong, Daisy K M SCE 12
CECE 7305 Early Intervention for Children with Diverse Needs 252249 SCE 5
GEOG 2016 (SM) Earth Systems: Atmosphere and Biosphere Yeung, Johnson C H CIE 1
EDUC 7280 Education (Social) Foundations Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 54
EDUD 7110 Education System and Policy: A Comparative Perspective Poon, Anita Y K EDUC 1
JOUR 2085 English News Reporting and Writing Lau, C K JOUR 12
BMKT 4015 Entrepreneurial Marketing Hui, Sai Yu MKT 1
GESS 5301 Essential of Psychology Yau, Josephine P L CIE 1
GECR 5201 Ethical Challenges in Hong Kong Yeung, Lorraine K C CIE 1
GEVM 1027 Ethical Controversies in Hong Kong Today Ip, Man Him REL 2
EURO 1008 Europe : Unity and Diversity Pahs, Sebastian GIS 18
POLS 2206 European Politics and Society: German Political Systems and Society Pahs, Sebastian GIS 12
FCVM 1200 Film and Moral Philosophy Cheung, Dickson C L CIE 4
FILM 4047 Film Theory and Criticism Lau, Dorothy W S AF 19
ECON 7250 Financial Economics Chung, Ho Ming ECON 5
FINE 2015 Financial Management for Marketing Professionals Ze-To, Samuel Y M CIE 1
FMGT 2300 Financial Planning Lai, William K W SCE 1
FINE 3007 Fixed Income Securities Leung, Connie FDS 1
NURS 1305 Fundamentals of Nursing I Tong, Karen K W SCE 1
CHSS 4055 Gender in Contemporary China Peng, Yinni SOC 2
SOC 7580 Gender in Contemporary China Peng, Yinni SOC 2
ENCS 1106 General Biology Woo, Karen L Y CIE 1
BMSC 2005 General Pathology Cheung, King-Ho; Tong, Chun Kit Benjamin SCM 1
ERMT 3035 Geo-environmental and Ecological Field Study Chiu, Hon Chim CIE 2
MKTG 3006 Global Marketing Ho, Glos MKT 2
MKT 7070 Global Marketing Strategy Siu, Wai Sum MKT 1
ENG 7320 Global Modernisms Ki, Magdalen ENG 3
POLS 3206 Government and Politics of Japan GIS 1
GCVM 1035 Green Living and Spirituality 179007 REL 8
GTSC 2001 GTSC 2001 Mok, Alex W K PHYS 1
SOCI 3017 Health and Society Lai, Gina W F SOC 3
SLM 004 Health Promotion Cheung, Siu Yin PE 3
FILM 2005 History of Cinema Coe, Jason G. AF 6
HIST 1405 History, Heritage and Human Communities Schley, David HIST 6
NURS 2315 Holistic and Safe Care Lee, Angel C K SCE 9
CULS 2202 Hong Kong Mainstream Culture Cheung, Dickson C L CIE 8
RELI 4898 Honours Project Chan, Seguire S H REL 55
SLM 003 Human Resource Management Cheung, Siu Yin PE 3
HRM 7640 Human Resources Analytics Tang, Wai Man MGNT 1
EDUC 3007 Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs Cheung, Wai Chun; Lui, Ming EDUC 40
SRLP 3005 Individual Differences in Coguition, Learning and Skill Acquisition Kwok, Heather H M CIE 2
SOPY 3015 Individual, State and Society Chan, Yee May CIE 3
InfoLit for U InfoLit for U LIB 1
JOUR 7090 International News Translation Cheung, Ka Wai COMS 7
ORGC 2025 Interpersonal Communication 28194 COMS 1
BUAD 2300 Introduction of Accounting II (Management Accounting) WONG, Wai Ho CIE 1
BIOL 1005 Introduction to Biology Qiu, Jianwen BIOL 4
ISEM 3035 Introduction to Business Data Analytics and Visualization Li, Mengxiang FDS 1
CHEM 1005 Introduction to Chemistry Li, Hung Wing CHEM 5
EDUC 1026 Introduction to English Language Teaching (ELT) Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 12
GRMG 2100 Introduction to Geography and Environmental Resources Management Woo, Karen L Y CIE 3
COMM 1015 Introduction to Media and Communication Oh, Hyun Jee COMS 1
EDUC 1016 Introduction to Sociology of Education Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 41
ECON 2035 Introduction to Technical Analysis Tang, Yee Yuk Alex ECON 1
TRAN 1005 Introduction to Translation Tsui, Cynthia Sau Kuen ENG 7
SOC 1110 Invitation to Sociology Chan, Kwok Shing SOC 1
CECE 3104 Issues in Early Childhood Education III Wong, Shuk Yee SCE 3
ERMT 3055 Laboratory Environmental Analysis Chow, Ka Lai CIE 2
EDUD 7090 Language Policy in the Global Age Poon, Anita Y K EDUC 1
EDUC 7750 Leadership and Team Building in Schools Chee, Wai Chi EDUC 15
Library Demo Course Library Demo Course LIB 1
SRLP 3025 Lifespan Development Duan, Yanping CIE 1
LANG 7670 Linguistic Analysis of Children's Literature LC 1
GEAS 2103-1 / GEAS 2103-2 Literary Appreciation 107215; Cheng, Carol Y T CIE 5
EDUC 7740 Managing Change in Schools Chee, Wai Chi EDUC 15
EDUM 7400 Managing Learning Diversity in Inclusive Education Settings Lui, Ming EDUC 40
MKTG 2005 Marketing Management Siu, Noel Y M MKT 7
MRTG 2301 Marketing principles Tsang, Amy M C SCE 1
MRTG 3103 (SM) Marketing Principles Tsang, Amy M C CIE 1
ICMT 3027 Marketing Principles Tsang, Lennon L L COMM 1
MKTG 3005 Marketing Research Methods Zhang, Junfeng MKT 1
ICMT 3125 Media Business Environment Tsui, Cecilia S Y CIE 1
CHIL 2037 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Visual Arts Ge, Liang CHI 10
LANG 3007 Modern and Contemporary Theatre: Appreciation and Playwriting Law, Ching LC 18
BIOL 3017 Molecular Biology Xiong, Liming BIOL 1
GCVM 1046 Moral Challenges in Chinese Popular Culture Kwok, Wai Luen REL 3
PERM 3037 Motor Learning and Development Cheung, Siu Yin PE 11
EPHM 1112 MSc Dissertation BIOL 6
EPHM 7312 MSc Dissertation BIOL 31
ELSS 2212 Myth & Fantasy Cunanan, Theresa CIE 7
CHEM 2008 / CHEM 2009 / CHEM 1111 / CHEM 1112 Organic Chemistry I & II 20068 CHEM 11
RELI 4005 Philosophy of Religion Loke, Andrew REL 3
ERMT 2015 Physical Geography Chiu, Hon Chim CIE 2
ACCT 1005 Principles of Accounting I Lee, S T ACLW 4
BUAD 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics WONG, Wai Ho CIE 1
BUAD 2301_S1 Principles of Macroeconomics WONG, Wai Ho SCE 1
EDUC 7270 Professional Teacher Development II Lui, Ming EDUC 40
BECE 3580 Professionalism in Early Childhood Education Wong, Shuk Yee SCE 26
PE 7010 / SLM 7140 Programme and Event Planning and Management LEUNG, Mee Lee PE 3
PHYS 4046 Quantum Mechanics Ma, Guancong PHYS 2
GTSU 2025 Racing Against the Clock: Saving Environment for the Future Generations Man, Ka Kit ECON 2
RELI 3136 Religious Rituals and Practices in Hong Kong Yu, Chi Kwan REL 15
JOUR 7260 Reporting Southeast Asia Ives, Michael Harris JOUR 6
EPHM 7070 Research and Environmental Monitoring Methodology Chung, Shan Shan BIOL 1
SRLP 3075 Research Methods Gao, Yang CIE 9
COMD 7020 Research Methods in Communication Chang, Leanne COMS 1
TCSC 2500 Rethinking Technology: Progress or Threat Yeung, Lorraine K C CIE 5
CHSH 4126 Selected Themes in the History of Chinese Women Ho, Clara Wing-chung HIST 32
HIST 4126 Selected Themes in the History of Chinese Women Ho, Clara Wing-chung HIST 32
SLM 7070 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Sport and Leisure Cheung, Siu Yin PE 1
ENGL 4086 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries Lee, Jason Eng Hun ENG 3
SMCL 0001 Shek Mun Campus Library SHEK, MUN CAMPUS LIBRARY CIE 9
EDUC 7040 (FT/ 2+3) Social Foundations of Education Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 51
PSYC 2016 Social Psychology Ho, Sai Kin EDUC 2
SOCI 2006 Social Statistics Jiang, Jin SOC 5
ENGL 4087 Special Topic in Critical Theory Lee, Jason Eng Hun ENG 1
ENGL 4085 Special Topic in Literature - Canadian Literature Polley, Jason S ENG 2
HUMN 4035 (00001) - (SM) Special Topic in Theory and Culture Toufic, Jalal HMW 1
HUMN 4037 Special Topics in Arts and Creativity Toufic, Jalal HMW 14
CHIL 4077 Special Topics in Classical Chinese Literature Chan, Timothy W K CHI 35
PERM 1007 Sport and Exercise Psychology Cheung, Siu Yin PE 5
SLM 005 Sport Marketing Cheung, Siu Yin PE 5
BMKT 4025 Strategic Marketing Kwan, Ho Yan CIE 1
EDUC 7391 Subject Teaching I Lai, Kwok Hung EDUC 87
EDUC 1027 Teaching of Grammar and Vocabulary Lai, Kwok Hung EDUC 6
EDUC 2025 Teaching of Listening and Speaking Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 20
Test Er Cheong Test Er Cheong Lai, Ho Cheong LIB 1
HUMN 4027 (00001) WRIT 4015 (00001) - (SM) The Double Face of Creativity: Fact and Fiction Toufic, Jalal HMW 2
GECR 5002 The Making of Hong Kong (1842-1997) Kong, Lucy S P CIE 1
GFVM 1046 The Meaning of Love, Sex and Body Youngblood, Peter Ward REL 9
CECE 3106 The Whole Person Wong, Shuk Yee SCE 4
POLS 4236 Theories of International Relations Cole, Alistair Mark GIS 21
SOWK 3048-9 Theory and Practice in Social Work: Individual Nan, Joshua K M SOWK 3
GTSU 2046 Towards Evidence-Based Solutions to Our Social Problems Chung, Ho Ming ECON 10
GRMG 1603 Understanding Environmental Issues in HK Woo, Karen L Y CIE 1
GTSU 2035 Understanding Social Sustainability Through Documentary Films Ruan, Danching SOSC 7
GTSU 2047 Walkability of a City Hon, Sze Sze PE 1
CHIL 4087 Wenxin diaolong 文心雕龍 Chan, Timothy W K CHI 12
MUSI 1007 Western Music History I Yang, Helan H L MUS 1
SOCI 4055 Women in China Peng, Yinni SOC 2
CTV 7220 World Cinema: History and Aesthetics Lee, Daw-Ming AF 1
POLS 4005 World Order Issues Kang, Yi GIS 3
POLS 7110 World Order Issues Kang, Yi GIS 3
EDUC 7690 Written and Spoken Discourse Lai-Reeve, Sara; Yu, Tsui Ying Cindy EDUC 14
CMED 3046 中醫各家學說 Zhang, Qing Ling SCM 1
CECE 3103 幼兒教育研究法 Wong, Shuk Yee SCE 3