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CIE - College of International Education

Course Code Course Name  Course Instructor     Entries  
ERMT 4015 Advanced Topics in Environmental Planning and Management Guo, Meiyu 1
ERMT 3005 Anthropogenic Climate Change and Society Chiu, Hon Chim 7
CULS 2200 Approaches to Studying Culture Cheung, Dickson C L 10
BMKT 4115 Brand Management Kwan, Ho Yan 1
ENCS 2100 Conservation and Ecotourism Cartwright, Stephen Robert 2
ENCS 2101 Diversity of Life and Laboratory Cartwright, Stephen Robert 3
ENCS 2102 Ecology and Habitats Cartwright, Stephen Robert 2
GESS 5301 Essential of Psychology Yau, Josephine P L 1
ELSS 2500 Essentials of Sociology Kong, Lucy S P 3
ELSS 2500 (SM) Essentials of Sociology (SM) Kong, Lucy S P 2
ICMT 4035 Event Management Tsang, Lennon L L 1
FCVM 1200 Film and Moral Philosophy Cheung, Dickson C L 4
ENCS 1106 General Biology Woo, Karen L Y 1
ERMT 3035 Geo-environmental and Ecological Field Study Chiu, Hon Chim 2
BMKT 3035 Global Marketing Kwan, Ho Yan 2
CULS 2202 Hong Kong Mainstream Culture Cheung, Dickson C L 8
FCHC 1501 Hong Kong Stories Kong, Lucy S P 1
SRLP 3005 Individual Differences in Coguition, Learning and Skill Acquisition Kwok, Heather H M 1
GRMG 2100 Introduction to Geography and Environmental Resources Management Woo, Karen L Y 3
GRMG 2103 Introduction To Geology and Geotourism Woo, Karen L Y 2
SPPS 2503 Introduction to Social Policy Kong, Lucy S P 1
ERMT 3055 Laboratory Environmental Analysis Chow, Ka Lai 1
SRLP 3025 Lifespan Development Duan, Yanping 1
ICMT 3027 (SM) Marketing Principles Tsang, Lennon L L 2
ELSS 2112 Mobile Computing Chan, Joseph W T 4
ELSS 2212 Myth & Fantasy Cunanan, Theresa 8
ERMT 2015 Physical Geography Chiu, Hon Chim 2
FMGT 2302 (SM) Principles of Financial Management (SM) Lai, William K W 2
TCSC 2500 Rethinking Technology: Progress or Threat Yeung, Lorraine K C 2
ICMT 3215 Special Topics in Communication Tsang, Lennon L L 4
BMKT 4025 Strategic Marketing Kwan, Ho Yan 1
MUSC 2208 Theory and Musicianship I Talbot III, George Murray 1
GRMG 1603 Understanding Environmental Issues in HK Woo, Karen L Y 1